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Initiative Q was created by Saar Wilf, who is a serial entrepreneur.
Sarr Wilf created his first payments start-up in 1997, later founding Fraud Sciences,
which redefined the payment security space and was acquired by PayPal in 2008.

Wilf has compiled a team of experts from a variety of disciplines, including mathematics, economics, and other social sciences.
The economic and monetary models were developed with Economist Lawrence White,
a professor of monetary theory and policy at George Mason University.

Laurence White has published numerous articles and books on monetary theory and banking, including The Theory of Monetary Institutions,
Free Banking in Britain, and The Clash of Economic Ideas.

The idea behind Initiative Q is to first create a critical mass of users, which can then be harnessed to create the worlds best payment network.
Therefore, our primary focus is to get millions of Q members registered, after which we will continue recruiting the worlds top professionals in payment systems, macroeconomics, and Internet technologies.

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